Ukraine Mission News – March

Dear pastors, brothers, and sisters, peace be with you! Welcome to the GLEC English Mission Hub News segment. This segment aims to provide real-time reports on various ministry activities conducted by our center worldwide. We hope that through your engagement, subscription, and sharing, we can bless more people together and witness the miraculous works of God. In recent months, as the conflict between Israel and Palestine has escalated, the two-year long Russia-Ukraine war seems to have faded from people’s minds. However, we have concerning news from our mission partner, the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS). Please see the report below:

The bloodiest war since World War II has been ongoing for two years. Today, the Ukrainian people are still enduring terrible hardships, suffering countless losses every day. Especially during the long and cold winter, living without electricity, water, and heating is unimaginable for ordinary people. The war has led to a significant increase in the number of impoverished people who cannot afford food or other necessities. They include internally displaced persons, impoverished families without income, and other vulnerable groups.

In addition to material needs, many Ukrainians are experiencing emotional trauma symptoms, despair, and depression due to the uncertainty of this war. Therefore, they need constant encouragement, counseling, and therapy. Additionally, through the direct assistance and support provided by Christians, the Love of Jesus Christ can be shared with them.

In addition to striving to maintain educational activities, our mission partners in Ukraine continue to provide hot meals to the displaced and impoverished near the theological seminary. Many rely on this meal to survive each day. The seminary also provides food for impoverished families in villages around Kyiv. Products, firewood, heaters, generators, charging stations, insect repellent clothing, and other anti-freezing items can help them get through the second harsh winter of this war.

In the midst of the turmoil, theological students from UETS actively collaborate with churches, charities, and organizations from various places to participate in this ministry. Such operations expand the scope of assistance Kyiv to more distant places, and share the Love of Christ with more vulnerable groups in different regions.

With the support and prayers of brothers and sisters, Global Life Enrichment Center collaborates with UETS on humanitarian aid and missionary work in the following four projects. We hope to stand in solidarity with the suffering people of Ukraine in this difficult time and bring the love of Christ and the light of truth to those in need.

  1. Hot meal supply: annual fundraising goal – $138,000
  2. Scholarships for theological studnts: annual fundraising goal – $138,000 for ten students
  3. Care for seminary faculty and staff: annual fundraising goal $34,500 for five staff
  4. Reconstruction of seminary buildings: one time find raising goal $11,500

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Central Asia Gym Ministry – March

The gym in Evanovka Christian School serves as a gathering place for volleyball and tennis clubs as well as a home for youth fellowship. The one in Kara Balta holds social and spiritual meetings. The Tokmok gym held a table tennis competition.

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MCCF Mission News – February

MCCF hosted several events for students to grow in their education and faith. They held science competitions at the Belovodsk school, took the gym’s youth group to the mountains for a fun retreat, and visited an orphanage in Kara Balta among with other activities.

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Faithful Children’s Center – February

The Faithful Children’s Center in Myanmar faces challenges and requires assistance. The house rented by the center has serious hazards due to limited funds during construction. Termites and insects have hollowed out the bamboo structure and rain leaks through the roof.

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Joyful Children’s Home – February

The Joyful Children’s Home in Myanmar led 30 villagers to faith amidst the turmoil of war. With the leadership of Pastor Dong Shihua, the Home has provided food, shelter, and medical treatment for refugees. The Home has become too crowded and needs more room.

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MCCF Mission Hub News – January

Pastor Vladimir held two seminars for fellow pastors from the Charity Christ Foundation as well as leadership teams from MCCF schools. The seminars discussed how pastors and school faculty could combine their efforts and create a better environment for children.

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Kyrgyzstan Mission Hub News – January

GLEC held two winter camps for the Kyrgyzstan high school and college students, where camp leaders taught the children that they were all special and precious in the eyes of God. They mingled with the mission team and learned about different experiences.

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Myanmar Mission Hub News – December

During the recent Christmas season, about 300 adults and children attended the Christmas gathering in Yangon, Myanmar, where Pastor Ding Nan delivered a message on the significance of Jesus’ birth during Christmas. The children read verses, danced, and sang.

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Recent News Coverage on IUCA

To implement the “IUCA 2023-2030 Strategic Development Plan,” IUCA hosted a roundtable on “IUCA Graduates’ Employment Opportunities and Prospects” on November 18. During the Roundtable, these employers expressed the diverse needs of the job market for graduates.

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Central Asia Mission Hub News – Nov

On 10/21, the pastoral team and colleagues of the Kyrgyzstan Tokmok Gym organized a celebration event for its 19th anniversary. Everyone gathered to count God’s blessings, share how the gym has impacted their lives, and spend a fun and meaningful day together.

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