Our role is to be “a bridge to the global missionary” — a bridge connecting trans-sects, partnering with mission agencies, and partnering with churches to share the gospel in the mission field. It is a partnership as bridge for congregational organizations, churches and the missions of the threshing floor.

One end: GLED (US headquarter and Taiwan branch)

Passing and Sharing the Vision of a Universal Mission: Jesus Christ said to his disciples ascended to heaven: “The time and the date given by the Father in your own authority are not yours, but the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be empowered and be my witness in Jerusalem, in the land of all Judah, and in Samaria, all the way to the ends of the earth.”(Acts 1: 7-8) At the mission buildings of our headquarter and Taiwan branch, there are often missionaries or agencies from all over the world coming to share their experience of missionary work with us or discuss how to expand the kingdom of God.

To Link and Mobilize Mission Resources: Of course, there are a lot of linkages between headquarters and missions or between ministries that need coordination and links from headquarter. There are also times when it is often necessary to organize or mobilize to support mission sites such as short mission team training or the return of missionaries to caretakers.

Cultivating and Training Gifted Mission Workers: One of the most important ministries in mission agencies is to send out missionaries. Therefore, training mission workers is also a key task at our headquarters.

The other end: in the mission field

The main task in the mission field is to evangelize and church planting to help people know God and claim the abundant life that our Lord Jesus has promised. We also set up a mission platform to connect and utilize global missionary resources so that different local churches and their members can be educated.

At the same time, we should cultivate, educate local workers, and strengthen local churches so that the born again and saved members can make the most of their lives and become a blessing to the local community.

In addition to the U.S. headquarter, we have a total of four Mission Hubs, including Central Asia Mission Hub, Eastern Europe Mission Hub, Southeast Asia Mission Hub, Russia Mission Hub.

So we have a total of six major hubs including our US headquarter and Taiwan branch.