To Support a Missionary

Workers to be trained locally. Such an approach has greatly reduced the cost of education. A preacher can be cultivated for $ 250 a month. We now have about 200 trainees in different campuses. Please contact:Pastor Even Hsu(

Kairos Seize the Opportunity

Provide educational and introductory mission courses that take you on a life-changing journey through discipleship. Please contact:Pastor James Hung(

International University of Central Asia

It would expand to the annual need of US$500,000. Please support each student by pledge US$2,500 scholarship a year. Please contact: Jerry Yee (

Micro-Entrepreneurship Training

Suitable for those with business backgrounds or years of work experience, with 5-6 days available to participate in training for potential local business owners. Please contact:Pastor James Hung(

Central Asia Children’s Education Sponsorship Program

Sponsor the education fees of primary and secondary school students in Central Asia at $60 per child per month, giving Muslim children the opportunity to encounter the Gospel. Please contact:Steven Wu (