Eastern Europe Church Ministry

Eastern European countries are predominantly Eastern Orthodox, but they generally show respect for Christian missions. Our center, based on the Serbian Church (formerly known as New Belgrade Church), has been actively establishing churches in the surrounding countries:

  1. Serbian Church

This church became independent at the end of 2012. Since then, our center has been sending missionaries to Belgrade to assist in training leaders and workers. The church has been expanding continuously, using its newly expanded hall since the end of 2014. Special events, such as Christmas evangelistic evenings, are held regularly with significant participation from the Serbian community. Additionally, community outreach efforts include work with the Roma people, cultural exchanges, refugee assistance, new immigrant services, and support for kindergarten ministry.

  1. Panchvo Church

Panchvo Church has been supported by the Serbian Church for preaching and prayer meetings, with added Bible studies led by local workers. With the Chinese community concentrated around nearby shopping malls, the church has adapted its meeting format to smaller gatherings due to the decline in business in recent years. Many brothers and sisters have faithfully served in the church, and Brother Yeh Chun Feng has persevered in vigilantly supporting the church’s efforts for the gospel.

  1. Leskovac Church (Gospel Station)

Supported by the Serbian Church, Leskovac Church has held preaching and prayer meetings, with occasional short-term mission teams from North American churches. In recent years, due to changes in business models, many businesses have left the area. However, some have remained, steadfast in maintaining the gospel station’s meetings. The church maintains good connections with the local Roma church, providing valuable assistance to Chinese involvement in cross-cultural ministry with the Roma people.

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia Churches

A gospel station was established in Bosnia in 2015, growing into a church in 2016. The church urgently needs to cultivate future workers and pastors. In its early days, Pastor Xiang Jun-sheng from New Belgrade Chinese Church supervised the gospel work, leading coworkers to assist in the pastoral care of the Bosnia church. The church also invited teams from Hungarian churches to help organize evangelistic events. Currently, Pastor Huang Dao-min and his wife are sent to shepherd the church and also oversee the church in Croatia.

  1. Eastern Europe Youth Ministry

The youth ministry currently holds regular online fellowships, including morning devotionals, spiritual exercises, sermons, and Bible studies. It connects youth from Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Western Europe, and other countries with Chinese churches. The student fellowship, led by first-year students, maintains a stable attendance of around 20 people. The fellowship consistently studies biblical figures (Joshua, Jeremiah, Caleb, Samuel, Joseph, etc.) and incorporates various activities such as Bible quizzes. A mission workshop, inviting a Turkish missionary at the end of April, aims to enhance the youth’s sense of mission and passion for evangelism. The goal for the Eastern Europe Youth Ministry in 2022 is to “optimize online fellowships and creatively nurture disciples.” With 50% of European churches still using online Sunday worship and only 10% having physical fellowships and prayer meetings, optimizing online fellowships becomes a primary focus in 2022. The fellowship’s diverse content aims to inspire youth with a concept of missions.