The Board of Directors

Chairperson:Tom Tzeng
Vice Chairpersons:George Hung、Sean Chung
Board of Directors:Shan Chu、Gene Chou、Joseph Chou、Xia Li Min、William Yen、Patrick Chen、Mike Hsu、Jeffrey Lu、Philip Kong

Ministry Staff

General Director:Rev. Susan Chou
Secretary:Jessica Peng


Director of Russia Mission Field:Elder Joseph Chou
東Director of Southeast Asia Mission Field:Rev. Andy Chuang
Director of Eastern Europe Mission Hub:Rev. George Yen
Director of Central Asia Mission Hub:Rev. James Hung
Director of Advancement and New Project Development, Central Asia:Steven Wu
Director of IUCA Ministry Development, Central Asia:Jerry Yee 
Director of Children Education Ministry Central Asia:David Guan
Director of Eastern Europe Cross Culture Ministry:Elder Alan Lin


President:Rev. Evan Hsu
Vice President:Rev. David Luo
Director of D.Min Program:Rev. Joseph Shao
Full Time Professor:Rev. Rosa Shao
Director of Training Program:Rev. George Yen
Lecture of GMS Seminary:Rev. Derming Chen
Registration Assistant:Patricia Liu


Advancement Specialist:Elder Joe Hsu
Multimedia Ministry Director:Ouyang Hong
Publishing Ministry Specialist:Liping Li
Mission Mobilization Specialist:Henry Fan
Assistant of Advancement:Peggy Lin
Mission Think Tank:Mei-Fen Lai


General Affairs:Ken Shen
Accounting:Sophie Lo
Human Resources:Irine Hwang