Central Asia Children's Ministry

Elder Yang Chia Shan, originally a naval captain, was called by God to embark on missionary work in Kyrgyzstan. During a short-term mission trip, he was deeply moved by the realization that to share the Gospel with the Hui Muslims, it was essential to start with the children, as he himself had come to faith in Christ after attending a Christian school. Therefore, in 1999, while praying to the Lord, God instructed him: “Bring the children to the presence of the Lord.” In February 2000, amidst heavy snowfall, he returned alone to Kyrgyzstan, firmly believing in the Biblical admonition, “Do not doubt, only believe!” (John 20:27). Despite skepticism from some who questioned his lack of formal education in the United States, his unfamiliarity with the culture of Islamic countries, and his inability to speak Russian or Kyrgyz, Elder Yang persisted in his vision to establish a Christian school in a predominantly Muslim nation.

He believed that if God intended to establish a Christian school, it must be done openly, for Jesus Christ is the light of the world and cannot be hidden under a basket. However, obtaining government recognition for a Christian school was unprecedented, requiring official certification from the Kyrgyz government. Upon applying to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, he was received by a female deputy minister who queried the purpose of establishing a Christian school. Elder Yang smiled and asked, “As deputy minister of religious affairs, what do you think my purpose is?” She replied, “You want to bring students to Jesus, which is impossible because you will change our education system, which is not allowed.” Elder Yang responded, “You are indeed the deputy minister of religious affairs. My God tells me to bring Muslim children to Him. I cannot disobey my God; that is my purpose. However, Minister, you should know that the responsibility of Christians is to introduce Jesus Christ to the world. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. As for the children, they have the freedom to accept or reject the salvation of Jesus. Our textbooks will fully comply with the regulations of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education, but with the addition of biblical teachings, which require your approval and certification. We do not want to teach the Bible in secret; it must be done openly as a Christian school, for Jesus Christ is the light of the world and must shine upon this world.”

The deputy minister was deeply moved by Elder Yang’s honesty and openness about the purpose of establishing a Christian school, contrasting with many missionaries who obscured the truth. She agreed to issue the certification for a Christian school, emphasizing that it was the first of its
kind in Kyrgyzstan. Thus, Elder Yang obtained the unique certification for a Christian school. This was the work of God, for with Him, nothing is impossible! All glory belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the legal certification in hand, from 2000 to 2017, Elder Yang established five centers: a Christian primary school, secondary school, an orphanage, a home for disabled children, and a children’s activity center.

On February 12, 2017, Elder Yang passed away. In his final moments, he entrusted the children’s ministry in Central Asia to Pastor Zhou Shuhui, founder of the Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC). Since June 2019, the center has been involved in this ministry.

Our highly qualified teachers and excellent educational quality have earned recognition from many local Muslim families. We have chaplains (spiritual mentors) leading Bible study courses, prayer meetings, and morning devotions, testifying to the Christian faith. Our students not only
learn about Christ but also have the opportunity to live alongside Christians. Through the work of our teachers and chaplains, the Gospel reaches the children of our school, and through them, it enters local families.

The Central Asia Children’s Ministry has now expanded to include primary and secondary education : Tokmok School of Blessing, Ivanovka School of Hope, Kara-Balta School, Belovodsk School, and Jarbashy School; Mercy & Hope Ministries include Kara-Balta Orphanage and Keming Boarding School for Disabled Children; Community outreach programs include sports Gymnasium, Children’s Playground and Jesus House.

For more information, please visit the website at https://www.centralasiaministry.org/?lang=zh