Myanmar Ministry

Myanmar: With a population of over fifty-five million, there are approximately 1.65 million ethnic Chinese and fewer than ten thousand Chinese Christians. Ranking 149th in the world for average income, Myanmar held open elections in 2011 and began opening up its economy to the outside world. The current average annual income can reach up to $1450. In 2012, the World Bank announced a loan to Myanmar, aiming to assist the country in achieving universal healthcare coverage and nationwide electrification by 2030. This closed-off country, which declared itself a Buddhist nation in 1963, has undergone significant changes in various aspects. In early 2021, Myanmar experienced a military coup, leading to social unrest and a greater need for the peace and blessings of Jesus Christ.

Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) began its work in Myanmar in 2007, recognizing the scarcity of Christians in the country and the urgent need for the Gospel. Despite the challenges, we embraced the mission of spreading the Gospel. After taking over the mission field in Myanmar, through organizational restructuring, the Myanmar region was divided into five departments: church ministry, theological ministry, charity ministry, children’s ministry, and youth ministry, each with dedicated staff members. Additionally, we have developed Burmese and Chinese-speaking churches, all of which are shepherded by local pastors. We aim for churches to become financially independent after five years and continue to pioneer new churches.

Currently, we have a mission center office in Yangon, with children’s ministries in Yangon 35th Ward, Joy Children’s Home in Northern Myanmar, Faith Children’s Gospel Center, Pachok Children’s Ministry at Southern Paga, and Mahalet Compassionate Home. By God’s Grace, we have also purchased a mission building in downtown Yangon, where we plan to establish a training center for worship, youth, and theological education ministries.

Spreading the Gospel in a country where Buddhism is the state religion is not easy, so we built relationships with villagers through charity work, such as the “Gospel Pig Project,” which helps villagers raise pigs to increase income, and digging wells in villages to provide clean water. In addition to improving the economy, we also assist villagers addicted to drugs in transforming their lives through drug rehabilitation programs and provide education and care for underprivileged children through children’s centers, bringing the Gospel deep into communities. We also hold annual youth camps and send short-term mission teams to support our work. Through missions, education, and charity work, we bring the abundant life of Jesus Christ to the local people.

How you can participate:

  1. Faith Children’s Center: 25 students

– Half of the children are new and have not yet known the Lord. Please pray!

– Needs $1000 for the expansion of simple houses

– Needs five bunk beds and a water purifier, totaling approximately $500

  1. Mahalet Compassionate Home: 50 orphaned children

– Monthly living expenses for children are about $35. Please sponsor their living expenses.

– Requires $200,000 for the expansion of housing, including a three-story foundation with three floors above ground, consisting of four large rooms that can accommodate about 15 people each and four small rooms that can accommodate about 8 people each, totaling about 100 people.

  1. Joy Children’s Home: Approximately 94 students

– Needs to hire an additional teacher at $200 per month

– Requires 20 computers

– Needs $5000 for the construction of additional simple houses to accommodate more


  1. Pachok Children’s Ministry at Southern Paga: Approximately 30 students

– Plans to build eight classrooms, an office, and dormitories, requiring approximately


– Also needs a Gospel van

  1. Hundred Rock Church in Northern Lashio: Approximately ten orphaned children

– The church needs to build a wall and requires an electronic keyboard and a guitar,

totaling approximately $11,400