Short Term Mission Trip

  1. Russia May 1st Gospel Camp (End of April – beginning of May)  
  2. Central Asia Short-term mission trip (March June and September each year)
  3. Eastern Europe Short-term mission trip (Summer)

    Please Contact:
    Elder Joseph K. Chou  (josephkchou@gmail.com)
    Pastor James Hung  (JamesHung@glecenter.org)
    Pastor George Yen  (glecly@yahoo.com)

Mid-Long Term Missionaries

Please contact us if you have received the call from God to become a career or bi-vocational missionary. Please contact:Pastor Susan Chou(susanchou@glecenter.org)

Minister Support

If you cannot participate in our short-term missions due to time or physical constraints, you may support our missionaries in the mission field. We have about 70 of them and they need your financial support. Please contact:Pastor Susan Chou(susanchou@glecenter.org)

Central Asia Cultural Exchange Camp

With just 2-6 people, you can participate in the camp and help students at IUCA learn English and Chinese. Please contact:Pastor James Hung(JamesHung@glecenter.org)

Roma Camp

There are children’s Bible camps, youth character camps, marriage camps for couples, and music training. Please contact:Elder Alan Lin(hllin@cox.net)