Thailand Ministry

Thailand, originally known as Siam, is located in the heart of mainland Southeast Asia, between China and India. With a population of over sixty million, over ninety percent of Thai people adhere to Buddhism. The influence of Buddhism extends deeply into society, with many Thai Buddhist families having at least one male member ordained as a monk to study Buddhist teachings. As early as around 1550, Portuguese mercenaries and priests introduced Christianity to Siam. Throughout history, Christianity, including both Protestantism and Catholicism, has played a significant role in Thailand’s modernization process, particularly in social and educational institutions such as orphanages, secondary schools, and universities. Christians make up 0.7% of Thailand’s population.

Starting in 2017, Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) began assisting Chinese churches with primary  focus on helping mothers accompanied their children for studies and initiated theological training courses to cultivate local ministers. Building on the foundation of those mothers, local Chinese churches have been established, with missionaries sent to shepherd and provide theological training, aiming to also nurture local church members.