Taiwan Ministry

Active participation and encouragement of various churches and organizations in global evangelism work at key hubs, assisting in training and arranging short-term mission teams to enter mission fields, and caring for local vulnerable groups (indigenous peoples, homeless, school dropouts), rehabilitation of ex-convicts, prison outreach, and media evangelism.

The Taipei office serves as an open education platform. Current activities include a weekly Tuesday 8:00 AM prayer meeting, Wednesday 9:30 AM “Disciple Training” course, Saturday 4:00 PM “Jesus’ Home” worship service, and Sunday 3:00 PM “Home of God’s Love” small group meetings, all led by pastors.

In terms of caring for vulnerable groups, efforts include rehabilitation of ex-convicts, assistance to the Adulam Care Association/Love Home, support for indigenous families, outreach to the homeless, counseling for school dropouts, campus evangelism, media evangelism (TV/text), support for small churches/New Taipei Taifu church, and missionaries. In recent years, support has been provided to 50 units, with 2000 quarterly newsletters distributed.

In central Taiwan, the Gospel Discipleship Association, led by Dr. Zhang Zhengquan, holds gospel preaching events in various locations across the province every month. In the north, assistance has been provided in establishing the “Taipei Police Light Fellowship,” with about 100 Christian police officers, 80% of whom are on active duty, holding online prayer meetings every Monday night. Please pray for 300 police Christian warriors nationwide to shine for the Lord.

Prison Ministry:

Over the past decade, four Grace Choirs (two from California, one from Phoenix, and one from Toronto) have conducted nearly 400 musical evangelism events in 52 prisons across Taiwan, preaching the Gospel to over 80,000 inmates. About 70% of the inmates who attended each event made the decision to open their hearts to Christ. Local churches and care organizations followed up with nurturing and support. Countless inmates have come to faith and been baptized in prison. However, some face rejection from society and families after release. Therefore, establishing “transitional homes” to seamlessly continue the nurture and care for these released inmates is the most urgent and challenging ministry.

Another noteworthy initiative is the establishment of 34 Gospel Halls in the majority of the 52 prisons in Taiwan, where inmates can worship God and which churches can use in counseling inmates. Each Gospel Hall costs over $10,000 USD to set up, including expenses for desks, chairs, pianos, Bibles, hymnals, projectors, screens, sound systems, and air conditioning units.

We sincerely hope that churches in Taiwan will come together to use these 34 prison Gospel Halls to lead spiritually wounded inmates in worshiping God, feeding them with His word, and letting the love of the Lord Jesus shine on those sitting in darkness and the shadow of death.