Central Asia Sharing Aid

Central Asia Sharing Aid (C.A.S.A. Foundation) is a Christian humanitarian organization founded in 2000, dedicated to the welfare and spiritual revival of the people of Central Asia, especially children. Through education, healthcare, economic development, fostering international awareness and understanding, and other charitable activities, C.A.S.A. assists children and communities in self-help.

Our mission is carried out in Kyrgyzstan by our international partner, Mercy Christian Charity Foundation (MCCF), also known as YRAIYIM. MCCF is a nonprofit public foundation founded by Elder Yang Chia Shan in Rockford, Illinois, in 2001.

CASA Foundation is the primary sponsor and funding source for the Mercy Christian Charity Foundation (MCCF) in Kyrgyzstan. MCCF was established on May 11, 2001, as a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization, uniting efforts from various Christian organizations: Central Asia Sharing Aid in Illinois, New Life Ministries Committee in North Carolina, and Good News Mission Department in Kyrgyzstan. For many years, the Colorado Mercy Association has been providing child sponsorship for our students and orphans through our Mercy Fund since 2000. We pray for the involvement of other child sponsorship organizations to continue this important work of God.

For more details, please visit the website at https://www.casa-mission.org/