International University of Central Asia

International University of Central Asia (IUCA), located in
Tokmok, Kyrgyz Republic, was founded in 2008 by the Mercy Charitable Christian Foundation
(MCCF) to meet the higher education needs in Central Asia. For many years,
Global Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) has been directly involved with a shared
vision and burden, accepting the invitation to carry on the vision passed down
by the Founding Elder, Yang Chia Shan.

The university aims to nurture young leaders and
professionals from Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia in both academic and personal
development. It upholds the highest moral standards, where outstanding academic
achievements reflect students’ honest efforts, and each diploma represents
genuine accomplishments. This is not an ordinary achievement, as the region is
plagued by rampant corruption and falsification. Employers recognize IUCA as an
exception, hence placing great value on diplomas and certificates issued by
IUCA in both Central Asia and around the world.

IUCA is committed to providing world-class education,
emphasizing a holistic learning environment for every student’s development
(physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual). Students are
nurtured here to become successful, integrity-driven leaders who can actively
contribute to society. The university pledges fair treatment to students and
encourages applications from students of diverse beliefs, nationalities, and

Situated in Tokmok, adjacent to the 4900-meter peak of the
Tianshan Mountains, this city with the population of seventy thousand is the
birthplace of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. It is 60 kilometers from the
capital city of Bishkek, approximately 90 minutes by car from the international
airport. In the 1830s, it was developed by the Uzbek Khan, and the population
gradually increased. During the Soviet era, Tokmok was a special military
stronghold. Many Kyrgyz and Uzbek people reside here, along with Russians,
Uighurs, Donggan, and Tatars.

The campus facilities provide an international standard
learning environment with modern comfortable classrooms and facilities,
including a fully equipped technology information room for academic courses and
language learning.

Of particular note, the Education Building of the
International University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan, which had its
developments planned over nearly a year and a half, commenced construction in
September and October 2022. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 10,
2022, with over a hundred attendees witnessing this historic moment. The Prime
Minister of Kyrgyzstan was also invited to attend and encourage developmental
growth. It is our hope that the completion of the education building will create
a new landmark in Tokmok, contributing to the educational cause of Kyrgyzstan
and bringing renewal in education, humanities, society, morality, and other
aspects with the spirit of Christian education.

Over the past decade, the International University of Central Asia (IUCA) has experienced rapid growth in student and faculty numbers, leading to a pressing need for expansion due to insufficient facilities. The new education building not only addresses the immediate need for additional space but also provides a platform for the university to achieve a balanced education in moral, intellectual, physical, and social aspects. Through upgrades in both infrastructure and campus culture, students will be nurtured for balanced development in spirituality, character, and leadership. Gratefully, a devoted couple, inspired by their love for the Lord, has generously contributed to the construction funds, which have been meticulously planned and are finally underway.

The new education building boasts nearly 3300 square meters (35500 square feet) of floor space, making it a large-scale educational structure. It comprises two main sections: the northern part houses a multifunctional auditorium with the seating capacity of 350, serving various school gatherings and also acting as a regional conference center for educational, community, cultural, and exhibition events. The southern part consists of teaching and administrative centers, with seven classrooms concentrated on the first and second floors, facilitating student learning and interaction while minimizing traffic between classes.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art teaching equipment, the ground floor features a comprehensive academic system where students can efficiently handle various tasks such as admissions, course registration, fee payments, scholarship applications, transcript requests, and job opportunities, enhancing service quality and administrative efficiency. The second floor, besides classrooms, houses a spacious library catering to the daily learning and research needs of students and faculty while preparing for future academic accreditations. The third floor accommodates administrative offices for school leaders (president, vice president, dean of academics, dean of student affairs, etc.) along with faculty offices, meeting rooms, and counseling spaces. The basement is primarily designated for student activities, recreation, socializing, clubs, and music rehearsals, and will also provide diverse sports and entertainment facilities such as table tennis, foosball, (aerobic) dance, fitness, and physical training to promote students’ physical and mental well-being.

We earnestly request prayers for the smooth progress of construction, ensuring all aspects of cooperation fall into place (funding, regulations, materials, construction safety, and coordination with various entities), making this project a crucial landmark proclaiming the name of the Lord in Kyrgyzstan, and even in Central Asia. The city set on a hill cannot be hidden, and may this endeavor expand the reach of the Lord’s heart for Central Asia and beyond, bringing glory to God.

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