In 1991, while Pastor Susan Chou and Pastor Samuel Wu were visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, Pastor Chou became tired and decided to rest at a nearby bench. After praying, she lifted her head and saw an earth hanging in the sky. There was angel holding a crown on top of a globe and God said, “I will send you to minister to the nations. If you obey, this crown shall be kept for you”.

In 1992, through a mission conference held by the Great Commission Center International, God called her again. During the conference, a video was shown of a widow facing a field to be harvested with two youths beside her, but they weren’t able to harvest everything. The next day, however, the whole village came to help with the harvesting, and the task was soon completed. At that time, God told her again, “If you obey, I shall send people to help you”. Then the Holy Spirit’s presence came down on Pastor Chou and she began trembling and sobbing.

In 1993, she attended the first post-Soviet Union mission conference in Latvia, where around 200 Christians from North America and Taiwan were in attendance as well as 800 Russians. From the mission organizations in the U.S., many leaders also attended. The conference was filled with God’s presence and Pastor Chou once again experienced God’s calling. After three calls from God, Pastor Chou decided to join the mission work in Moscow for the first time by the invitation from Pastor Thomas Wang of GCCI.

After receiving visions from God and after consent from EFCGA, Pastor Chou established “Global Life Enrichment Center” in Orange County, CA, in 1995. At that time, many coworkers joined in to start the ministry. Entrusted by Pastor Wang, Pastor Chou took charge of Chinese Church of Moscow and sent Pastor Jung-Hsin Cheng and his wife to minister over there. Before this, many short-term missionaries were also sent to jumpstart the church ministry. In 1998, GCCI once again entrusted Pastor Chou with the ministry of Chinese Church of Hungary. Consequently, a couple of missionaries were commissioned, Cheng-Huang Huang and Ying-Che Chen for the ministry in Budapest.

In 2002, the Global Enrichment Theological Seminary was established in Budapest, Hungary, where it later expanded to Moscow, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, and London. By 2012, there were already over 200 graduates. In 2002, a ministry reaching out to Taiwanese businessmen in mainland China began. In 2003, GLEC began developing ministries in China, specifically in the northwestern region. In 2004, two churches in Serbia were planted by GLEC missionary, Elder Ying-Che Chen. In 2007, youth ministry was developed in partnership with other organizations. An annual mission conference, “Passion for the Nations” was held for the first time. In the same year, “Taiwan Life Association” was established for mission mobilization purpose. In 2008, ministry in Myanmar started. In 2008, the multimedia department was established to develop internet ministry. In 2009, after receiving a vision of training missionaries, the purchase of a building was pursued. In 2011, the mission building was dedicated and the seminary was restructured and renamed as Global Mission Seminary to offer theological education in mission fields.

In 2014, ministry in Vietnam started. In 2017, GLEC started to engage in the work of International University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan and succeed the Roma ministry from GCCI.