Enter fields with emerging needs,
to Preach the Gospel and Educate leaders,
to Plant reproducible local churches,
and Engage in local cross-cultural ministries


To bring the abundant life of Jesus Christ
To people, family, community, and the world
Through Mission, Education, and Charity

Mission News

Recent News Coverage on IUCA

To implement the “IUCA 2023-2030 Strategic Development Plan,” IUCA hosted a roundtable on “IUCA Graduates’ Employment Opportunities and Prospects” on November 18. During the Roundtable, these employers expressed the diverse needs of the job market for graduates.

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Central Asia Mission Hub News – Nov

On 10/21, the pastoral team and colleagues of the Kyrgyzstan Tokmok Gym organized a celebration event for its 19th anniversary. Everyone gathered to count God’s blessings, share how the gym has impacted their lives, and spend a fun and meaningful day together.

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Central Asia Mission Hub News – October

Our Tokmak Gym Ministry launched the first summer camp organized by the local co-workers. The Playground Ministry organized a summer camp in Tokmak. Several Christian schools affiliated with Mercy Foundation officially started school on September 1.

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