Central Asia Mission Hub News – Nov

Welcome to GLEC Mission Hub News! We are here to report God’s amazing work through your support! Every month, we make an English news video to give an update on the work in Central Asia Ministry. Today, we’d like to share the ministry’s highlights for November.

  1. Tokmok Gym 19th anniversary celebration event
  2. Recent student activities at IUCA and HTC schools
  3. MCCF and Youth House Thanksgiving Activities

On October 21st, the pastoral team and colleagues of the Kyrgyzstan Tokmok Gym organized a celebration event for its 19th anniversary. Everyone gathered to count God’s blessings, cut a celebratory cake, play social games, share how the gym has impacted their lives, and spend a fun and meaningful day together. At the beginning of the event, Jenya, the head of the sports center ministry, recounted how Elder Yang Jiashan responded to God’s call, giving up a leisurely retirement life in the United States and use his entire pension to come to Kyrgyzstan to establish schools, sports centers, and other ministries to serve the local children. For the past 19 years, this gym has opened its doors to over 150 children every week. These children take a variety of classes, from chess to table tennis. This Thanksgiving celebration also received high praise for the service of the 18 Christian volunteers who have been part of the sports center ministry for many years.

Following the start of the new school year, International University of Central Asia (IUCA) and the High Technology College (HTC) have been conducting diverse activities at the Youth House, a center specifically serving university students in Kyrgyzstan. In October, we organized an Autumn Festival, celebrating the new season and fall harvest with music, dance, games, and food. The next day, we installed new heating radiators in the dance rooms. The Youth House is now open from Monday to Saturday, providing regular programs and special Tuesday activities, including prayer meetings and discussions on spiritual life topics. Furthermore, we organized DIY lip balm and soap-making workshops this month, which were very successful, and we plan to incorporate them into future activities.

To commemorate Thanksgiving, our various ministries in Central Asia organized engaging activities for children, fostering a memorable experience for all. The Tokmok playground ministry orchestrated games and competitions, accompanied by an insightful session from Pastor Vladimir who shared the historical significance of this day. Concurrently, the Tokmok gym ministry initiated an Instagram challenge, encouraging participants to create videos centered around the themes of love and kindness. The challenge gained significant traction, garnering nearly 1500 likes and active participation. Pastor Jerry, visiting from the US, provided an in-depth exploration of Thanksgiving Day’s history. Towards the conclusion, teenagers took the opportunity to express their gratitude for the year.

Meanwhile, students at Kemin Boarding School prepared dance performances and recited poems to mark the occasion. Belovodsk Christian School organized a mountain picnic for its students, creating a space for shared Gospel experiences. The children at Kara Balta Orphanage transformed the hall into an autumnal haven with floral and vegetable decorations. The festivities, led by the pastors, included a Bible knowledge game, followed by meaningful discussions on gratitude. Lastly, the Youth House organized a gathering to celebrate the hard work they’ve done this year. Love has made the community stronger and more collaborative.

May God grant our ministries all over the world, and let us pray together for the Central Asia Ministry. For the upcoming Christmas, may your heart be filled with the joy that Christ’s love brings. Wishing this Christmas lots of peace and happiness to your home.

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