Central Asia Mission Hub News – June

Welcome to GLEC Mission Hub News. We are here today to update you what have been happening in our Central Asia mission field:

  1. The renovated Gym in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan reopened with a grand ceremony on May14th
  2. HTC IUCA college successfully obtained certification of its three programs from the National Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee in Kyrgyzstan

Thanks to your support and by God’s grace, the damaged floor of the Tokmok Gym has been completely replaced. Please see the report:

The Gym in Tokmok City is an important platform for gospel outreach in Central Asia for the past 18 years. This platform influenced the local youth through various sports programs and evangelical activities. However, due to prolonged use and lack of repairs, the floor of the sports center was severely damaged, posing a threat to the safety of the children. During last year’s Thanksgiving, we reported this situation in the first edition of “Field News” and received enthusiastic support from many brothers and sisters. After five months of renovation and repair efforts, the Gym is reopened to the community on Mother’s Day, May 14th, and welcomed many children once again. The sports ministry project has also resumed normal operations.

On May 14th, many children, youth and guests attended the re-opening ceremony. The day was filled with sports activities, creative performances, worship and praise, pastor’s prayers, and heart-warming messages. Many children visited our sports center for the first time and had a joyful experience under the guidance of our coworkers.

We thank our Lord for granting us such a wonderful facility and pray that the love of Jesus Christ will continue to be shared with these Muslim children through this outreach platform and our local pastors and coworkers.

From April 13th to 14th, three professional programs at Humanities and Technical College (HTC IUCA) successfully obtained certification from the EdNet, the National Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee in Kyrgyzstan. This is the latest recognition received by IUCA in recent years among all higher education institutions in Kyrgyzstan. Please see the report below:
HTC IUCA is an educational institution that strives to provide high-quality vocational education for our students. The goal of the HTC educational programs is to meet the demands of the job market and equip our students to achieve their career goals.

From April 13th to 14th, the HTC IUCA conducted accreditation activities for three programs. The accreditation process was hosted by the EdNet, the National Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee in Kyrgyzstan. Over the course of two days, the committee held meetings and interviews with the Work Group, students, as well as the faculty and technical staff to compile the report. In the end, all three programs including IT, Early Childhood Education and Tourism programs received certification.

EdNet is established in 2012. It is the highest authority for quality accreditation of higher education programs in the Kyrgyz Republic. Its mission is to establish high standards of credibility for higher education in Kyrgyzstan based on international standards.

For over a decade, IUCA has been committed to academic integrity and academic freedom, earning high regards in Kyrgyzstan. In recent years, multiple disciplines and educational projects have received certification from the committee. Last year, the EdNet awarded three honors to IUCA. They were the Best Quality Management in Education Program, the Best Student-Oriented Curriculum for the “Language Studies” program, and Professor Irina received the Best EdNet Expert Award. These awards serve as an encouragementto IUCA.

We are grateful for the academic certification received by IUCA and HTC. We hope that these awards will further motivate the university’s faculty and professionals in various fields to continue upholding Christian standards and cultivate students who are both academically excellent and ethically sound, and becoming a strong force that move the destiny of the country to a positive direction.

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