Taiwanese Businessmen

In year 2000, Pastor Hsu and Elder Chou traveled along the east coast of China. Along the road they visit the scattered Taiwanese businessmen. They saw them leave their homes behind, so there's a great need in their soul. Therefore, the pastors applied Abraham's principle from the Bible (Abraham also left the home town, the family and the father), to led Taiwanese businessmen to know and experience God's mighty power and return to Him.

There are six categories of "Taiwanese businessmen":

  1. Taiwanese businessmen: CEO of the factory or company
  2. Taiwanese employees : Taiwanese citizen hired by Taiwanese businessmen
  3. Taiwanese family member: The above two kinds of people's family
  4. Taiwanese student : Young students from Taiwan studying in China
  5. Taiwanese labor : Taiwanese businessmen or Taiwanese employees that gets demoted into the labor class because of the changes in China's economy.
  6. Taiwanese Homeless : Taiwanese businessmen or Taiwanese employees that become homeless because of the changes in China's economy.
  7. Each group of people are concerned and shepherded by our ministry

Since 2001, we started Taiwanese businessmen ministry in the East coast of China. We expanded our ministry to City A, even expanded to City B's manufacturing area, engaged in evangelism in the factories. Because of the investment environment changes in China, Taiwanese businessmen's company is gradually relocating to inland China. We also need to adapt the trend. We hope these immigrant Taiwanese businessmen can hear the gospel in China, turn to God as soon as possible, and take the gospel back to the relatives in Taiwan so that household will be saved.