God is always calling people. He moved us to promote a missionary vision from Taiwan to the world. This Vision started with Pastor Susan Chou from our ministry who responded to God's calling. God called us to post-communist countries because they need the gospel.

Because of God's great kindness and God's timing, we are looking forward bring God's abundant grace back to Taiwan. In June 2008 by the Ministry of the Interior audit, we established "Taiwan Global Life Enrichment Center". We are expecting God to lead people to help Taiwan.

This is a legally established non-profit community group: 1) to reveal truth and establish a healthy personal character. 2) Promote harmonious and happy family life and promote social moral standards. 3) Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, so that the people of the world may have abundant life.

The Association was established to:

  1. Promoting education, improving missionary heart and mission operations.
  2. Assist the church to train mission teams into the mission operations.
  3. Organize lectures and activities in each community, workplace, and church.
  4. To promote holistic health education, to establish healthy families.
  5. Through audio/ video, text, and media, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  6. Care for businessmen and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. Invite professional Taiwanese experts to contribute their skills in the mission field.