Receiving The Baton, Pressing Toward New Heights

Peace to you all in the Lord, may we know more about His great love, as well as experience His amazing deeds every day.

In GLEC, we are called to work on the preparation of world-wide missions and play the roles of carrying out vision, cultivation, training and building up mission teams from different mission partners. On one hand we can learn how to equip prospective ministers together locally in Northern America; on the other hand, we will exercise our faith in the mission fields to evangelize, to nurture, and to build up churches.


The purposes and the goals are,

To fulfill God's inspiration seeded in our hearts

To accomplish the tasks of world-wide missions

To understand more of His wills

To encounter His great power

To become the vessel of God's blessing to others

GLEC sincerely invites you, your church or fellowships to join us for the Great Mission of God.

Please contact us at 949-752-6899 ext. 2006.


2015 Short-term Mission Which You May Participate


1) 04/28 to 05/06 - Gospel Camp

2) 10/05 to 10/15 - College Youth Autumn Camp

3) Itinerary Ministries - Can be arranged any time in the year. The duration of the mission is always from 2 weeks to one month.



1) College Campus Ministry - College Student Camp in October

2) Children’s Camps in April and October

3) Youth Camp in April

4) Charity Ministries - Orphanage, Children Centers, Drug Rehabilitation Ministry, Living-Standard-Improving Programs…….

4) Education Funds for local pastors’ children



1) Supporting ministers locally

2) Ministering local Chinese businessmen and college students, can be arrange any time in a year


‧East Europe:

1) 07/01 to 07/15 - Family Camp and Youth Retreat

2) New Mission Fields Development - Ministers with pioneering experiences are welcome to join us


‧Global Mission Seminary: Offer scholarship and financial supports to seminary students