GLEC Mission Field Introduction Russia

GLEC Mission Field Introduction Russia

In 1994, with Pastor Thomas Wang's leadership, the Chinese Church of Moscow was established. And, in 1995, the church was given to the newly founded organization, Global Life Enrichment Center to further manage. The church underwent many different pastors' leadership for a few years. From the year of 2006 and till today, after Pastor Hsu came to GLEC's missions department, the church is again under GLEC's management.

Local DevelopmentIn

May, 2010, through our Moscow Gospel Camp, we were able to host our first Annual Conference in Russia. The seven pastoral zones also sent out their core co-workers and representatives to join our first Annual Conference in Russia. During the first Mission Conference in 2011, the leaders shared their visions, and together they have one united vision on mission. They created 7 zones and each zone contains about 2-5 targeted cities

Church Planting

The five-year plan was designed in 2009. "To enlarge the tent and strengthen the stakes" (Isaiah 54:2) was the theme for 2011. Also, we have set goals on the growth of quality and the increase of quantity.

  1. The Increase of Quantity

    Service attendance, number of baptized Christians, number of committed Christians, number of full-time pastors, ability of becoming a self-established, self-provide, 自傳, self-trained church

  2. The Growth of Quality The ratio of discipleship

    • Character growth: daily devotion and finish reading the Bible in one yearFamily Testimony: to encourage the whole family to serve
    • The Sense of Belonging--Commitment: every member servesResponsibility- every member tithes
  3. The Unity in Spirit

    • The release of full potential
    • The power of testimonies: each member leads one non-Christian to Christ

Bible EducationIn

2003, Global Enrichment Theological Seminary started its branch in Moscow. The very first commencement of the GETS in Moscow took place at the May Gospel Camp in 2006. Now, almost all the graduates from GETS are serving as full-time pastors, and, because of such wonderful accomplishment, GETS continues till now. Due to the various needs of different mission fields, in 2011, Institute for Global Missions was established to train up leaders in different fields.


We have partnered with co-workers coming from churches or organizations in Taiwan, France, Vietnam and Canada for our short-term mission ministry.

Our Chinese Church of Moscow has bought its own building for gatherings and office which is located at Hwa-Sa Street, and it is near the pastors' dormitory. Currently, two Russian churches and one Vietnam church rent our place weekly for their own gatherings. We hope that our Chinese Church of Moscow can be rooted in Russia, and we plan to reach out to the local Russians. Thus, we will learn the local language for the purpose of preaching the Gospel. This way, the Chinese immigrants can also pass down Christianity to the next generation.

Russia was born in 1991 after the collapse of Soviet Union. Through WTO, Russia was able to have commercial relations with other countries which attracted many Chinese to immigrate to Russia. For this reason, we need to preach the Gospel to the Chinese immigrants in Russia, and when the Chinese immigrants go back to their homelands, they can also bring Christianity back.



Most Updated Progress in 2012- important updates and announcement

Moscow Gospel Camp

The camp happened on April 28th to May 1st and there were about 450-500 people who came to the camp. Among the crowd, 62 people came to Christ and 11 people dedicated their lives to serve full time. This time, we had short-term mission teams that came from Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, France, Taipei, Taichung, and Shanghai. In total, we had 7 mission teams. We had the highest quality of mission teams because each team had 9 members, and each team was led by pastors, elders and co-workers. The team members arrived 2 days before the camp for training purposes so that the teams could have better unity at the camp.

Founding Russian Ministry

Starting May, 2012, we have targeted the local Russians and the second generation of the Chinese immigrants. Accordingly, we planned to open Chinese school and Chinese cooking class to attract the local Russians who desire to learn more about China. Through these classes, we will teach the Kingdom values on family to the students while encouraging the second generation Chinese immigrants to serve. Some of the more experienced co-workers from Chinese churches and students along with Pastor Paul and his family are currently responsible for the ministry. After stabilizing the ministry and the increase of attendees, the church will start its own Sunday services.

The Purchase of the New Sanctuary

Due to the growing need of our constant expansion, we need larger space to accommodate.

  1. Building

    We have found a building which has two floors and one basement. Each floor is approximately 600 square meters. First floor, which can sit about 500 people, is used as main chapel for services and fellowship. Second floor is used as office and classrooms for seminary school. The basement is utilized as social hall, cafeteria and multipurpose room.

  2. Location

    The building is located in the residential area which is about 150 meters away from the subway. Thus, the area is relatively safer. Using subway, the current gathering place is only about three stops away on the same line. It is very convenient.

  3. Capital

    Seller offered $1.75 million USD. However, with other facilities using water and electricity, we would need a total of $3 million USD. At this time, the church has two real-estates which are worth about $1 million USD. In addition to the two real-estates, some have made offerings for the new church building, and the difference needs to be covered by more offerings.

  4. Preparation

    Currently, Chinese Church of Moscow's deacon board has a financial team, and 6 members are on the team. The responsibility of the team is to construct the church's financial structure, and to assure the church's finance is transparent. Hopefully, the offering will increase as the result. This team is also responsible for any financing regarding to the purchasing of the new building which includes explaining the goals, budget planning, encouraging people to give more offering and etcetera. Hopefully, in one year, we can close the new building's buying process.

Outreaching to the Neighboring Countries

Because of Pastor Paul's recommendation, Mr. Teng went to join the Russian-speaking mission conference hosted by North European mission organizations. Other church leaders, coming from Russia and Ukraine, suggested the Chinese Church of Moscow to start a new Chinese immigrant ministry at a nearby city. In the evaluation meeting for Moscow Gospel Camp, the board has decided to visit the location and start a small group over there. Periodically, the board will send co-workers from the Russian mission field to pastor and shepherd. In addition, GLEC will also send co-workers from East Europe mission field to support. (Follow-up: In May, 2012, the full-time pastor has led two seminary students to that particular city to start a church.)

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