REVIVAL GENERATION is the youth & young adult ministry of GLEC <www.glecenter.org>, which is an international mission organization that has been ministering to the Chinese diasporas in the creative access countries for the past 16 years. The young adult ministry has existed since 2006, but in order to reach more people we are re-launching ourselves as REVIVAL GENERATION.


Train up radical disciples to do what Jesus did.


  • Step (1) Radical Discipleship

    Take in 12 young disciples and TEACH them the Word of God, then SHOW them how to LOVE God (intimacy) and LOVE our neighbor (generosity). Then model for them to live in joy, holiness and integrity.

  • Step (2) Do What Jesus Did

    Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, Heal the Sick, and Deliver the Oppressed. We must do this first in our own context until we are successful.

  • Step (3) World Missions

    Some of these radical disciples will be SENT to UUPGs (Unreached Unengaged People Groups) in the 10/40 Window for a period of time to evangelize the unsaved, and disciple them until they can reproduce themselves. Then repeat these steps....

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