Purpose Driven Journey by Saddleback Church

Please note that the date for 6th Session of PDJ 3 Year Plan-Chinese Pastors Gathering will be in October 2013. Specific date will be posted later. Please mark your calendar. We will let you know once the registration system is open.



5th Session - You are shaped for Significance

Lesson 1 – How God Has Made You Unique

Lesson 2 – Unwrapping My Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 3 - Living Your Heart's Desire

Lesson 3 - Q&A

Lesson 4 - Defrost Your Frozen Assets

Lesson 5 - You've Got Personality

Lesson 6 - Employing Your Experiences



1st Session - Building A Church on God's Purposes

2nd Session - Preaching for Life Changing

3rd Session - Leading Your Church Through Change

4th Session - Development and Multiplication of Healthy Groups

5th Session - You Are Shaped for Significance