GLEC Mission Field Introduction - Myanmar

GLEC Mission Field Introduction - Myanmar

Since 2007, the Mission Department of GLEC undertook the responsibility of operation and ministry of this Mission Field. After some organizational restructure, the Myanmar mission field is now categorized in five departments:

Church Ministry:

Church ministry includes the six ministers we have added in the first half of 2012, we now have 35 ministers, including their spouses, who are well equipped in biblical foundation. There are 25 churches spreading across the nation. These churches are comprised of 15 Burmese churches, 2 minority churches, and 8 Chinese churches. The goal is to have 30 churches by the end of 2012. In terms of the monthly living expenses for the ministers, each Chinese family receives $150-$200 USD; each Burmese family receives $100-$150 USD. Churches are encouraged to be self-reliant financially when they reach their fifth year of establishment. They are to continually share visions and resources.

Seminary Education:

The seminary is located in Yangon. It is divided with a Chinese and Burmese Department, each with their own teaching staff. Due to the special local environment, we have a different process of enrollment. Each student is to be first enrolled in the preparation class. Students can officially enroll in the seminary after an assessment of the students' characters and literacy (in terms of reading and writing ability in Chinese).

In 2012, there are a total, both Chinese and Burmese department, of 30 students in the prep-class and 22 official students. Five students graduated in the school's sixth graduation class in March 2012 (Three from the Chinese department, two from the Burmese department). We received six new students in the following semester. We sent our first reserve teacher oversea to train in 2010, who began teaching in our seminary in 2012.

"Minister Upgrade Plan" (Master course in Theology) began in July of 2012; it currently needs four more oversea teachers. Including the original 4 local teachers, the entire degree are taught in English and completed in three years.

Charity Ministry:

"Gospel Pig Project" has completed its second cycle with 11 families coming to Christ in 2011. The third cycle began in April 2012. This time we added wheat and corn plantation to the project, because some families do not have the ability to raise pigs, but are able to grow wheat and corn. Therefore, the same method applies to the plant growers.

Our Drug Rehabilitation Center have grown to eight brothers in Christ in treatment. The goal for 2012 is to increase the number to 15. Therefore, we need one more Minister Couple to assist with the continuation of this ministry.

"Project Orphanage" currently consists of two orphanages. The first was built on a land which was bought at the end of 2010. We support the second orphanage with their rent. Both orphanages provide financial aid for their children.

"Project Well Digging" will complete 10 wells in 2012 which provide churches and families clean water to drink.

Children Ministry:

Ten Children Centers will be completed in 2012, distributed amongst various villages. Through which the gospel is spread to the villagers. Four of which are currently completed. Due to the fast changing political situation in Burma, all of the ten centers are paid in advance for the land underneath. The construction details are later discussed.

Youth Ministry:

Youth camps are hosted semiannually, one in the first half of the year, the other in the second half. The average number of participants is 80-150. In 2012, more than 20 young adults joined our camp; a few of them are from outside of church. The speaker of this year is the head of the local Youth Department Pastor Ding Tong, who is also in charge of the coordination of the camp.

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