Multimedia Ministry

"With the internet using audio visuals, spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth."

This is the vision of GLEC's multimedia ministry since its start at the end of 2008. Based on our center's missionary expansion strategy, our goal is to create a complete set of media products, including global mission, youth mission, short-term mission training, workplace mission, children's mission, missionary testimony, discipleship training, missionary training, and other areas in order to fulfill the needs of the worldwide Chinese Christian community in respect to missionary work.

We have provided free Sunday sermon DVDs to the churches in our missionary fields and to the churches lacking shepherds' guidance. We have also recorded Sunday sermons, evangelical messages, missionary convention messages, discipleship training programs, counseling programs, seminary programs, etc., for online users. At the same time, we've also participated in online evangelical ministry with 20+ different types of online fellowship groups, which provide timely assistance to brothers and sisters in their spiritual and everyday problems. As for occult and false doctrines that occasionally appear in the fellowship group, we always immediately refute them in order to help brothers and sisters stay on the sound doctrine.

Since March of 2010, our multimedia ministry has begun posting our audiovisual products on major broadcasting websites and Christian video websites. The unique sermons have gained the love of online users with our videos exceeding two million views, average 20,000 views per week! This exemplifies how broad the online missionary field is!