Multimedia Ministry

"To use the Internet to Broadcast the Gospel Through Audio and Video!" Since its establishment in October 2008, our ministry has been divided into two major parts: one is to provide Sunday night for the mission area and the general public on the Internet Road Information, Discipleship Training, Theological Seminary and other video products, the second is a multimedia network of missionaries.

Video production


According to the headquarters of the vision and purpose, in line with the needs of the mission field we are responsible for planning short and medium-term shooting production tasks and also work closely with the Youth Department, the Ministry of Education, Development Department, Global Mission Seminary and other departments to assist relevant departments use multimedia technology to accomplish its missions.

In recent years, the programs we make have built up numerous fellow Christians through the Internet and they are very much welcomed by countless brothers and sisters:

The Discipleship Series: Book of Ephesians (16 Episodes), From the Cross to Psalms 23(8 Episodes), Journey of Faith (4 Episodes), Understanding ABBA Father’s Heart (6 Episodes), Preparatory "13 lessons), Couples fellowship - family life from the book of Philippians(eight lessons), Science and Faith Q & A series.

Mission and Mobilization Series: "The Power of Mission", "Become a Kingdom Person", "Purpose Driven Journey Courses" in cooperation with the Saddleback Church, and Xuede Fan’s "How to Evangelize Chinese Intellectuals."

Sunday Sermon Series: Rev. Thomas Wang Sermon Series, Rev. Susan Chou Sermon Series, Rev. David Hsu Sermon Series, Rev. Che-Bin Tan Sermon Series, etc.

Theological Education Courses: "Induction Scriptures ","The Crisis Counseling", "Relational Gospel Sharing" by Rev. Susan Chou; "The Gospel Studies", "The New Testament Theology in Information" by Rev. David Hsu; "Spiritual Warfare" by Rev Douglas R. Vavros; "System Theology"by Rev.Robert Lo "; " New Testament Mission Theology" by Rev. Che-Bin Tan, "Church History" by Elder Tsung Ho, and so on.

In order to promote the active participation of the church in short term mission trips, we will collaborate with the Asian Youth Department in 2017 on a set of video teaching materials to help local churches prepare for short term mission trips. Please pay attention!

Multimedia Network Ministries

We also continue to use the WeChat public platform Wealthy Spring to provide our friends with a series of devotional videos entitled “Springs of Abundance" ,which is hosted by Pastor Chow Shu-hui, and other gospel information. We use the public video site to participate in education mission minitries to the public as well. Some of our video products are available at and, and they also can be found on Youtube/glectv. In addition, we also provide one-on-one counseling to brothers, sisters and adolescents who need it through the Internet.

Print Publications

GLEC Newsletter: 70 issues of a quarterly publication, since January 23, 1997, have been published with content to cover the mission of the people and things, mainly to connect the headquarters and the mission hub around. It also enables supporters to understand the current situation of missionary education through written reports and to provide the most direct prayer and support.


Mission Ministries Books: At present, there are "The courage to follow the Lord," "Business As Mission," "Journey Guide," "How to Face Crisis in Life," "Millennium Day," " Great Commission Companies”, “Grace Changes Everything: Biography of Pastor Susan Chou”, “Miracles in the Field: Biography of Rev. Samuel Wu”, “Serving as Senders Today” and the “Life Cared by the Lord - Biography of Elder Chia Shan Yang”.