Institute for Global Missions

Our Mission

God has called us to prepare kingdom-minded Christians for the Great Commission work ahead - to communicate, live and work successfully in culturally diverse societies.

Our Values

Our Values

Our Distinctives

  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Mission field internships
  • Affordable costs
  • Flexible schedule

Our process-oriented developmental program guided by personal mentor & coach involves more than just learning knowledge and information but also involves participants gaining real experiences by participating on various outreaches throughout the world. The participants will be encouraged to analyze contemporary global concerns, to formulate Christian perspectives, and to explore better solutions to effectively communicate the Gospel in intercultural contexts and will therefore be more fruitful in reaching the nations in the Name of Jesus.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will participate in the mission of God and the ministries of the global Church from an evangelical missiological perspective.
  • Participants will demonstrate critical thinking and integration skills in order to foster individual and social transformation.
  • Participant will demonstrate sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity for building relationships and for communicating the Gospel in context.
  • Participant will have skills and knowledge and networks of relationships to pursue vocations that engage the mission of God globally.
  • Participant will value the importance of spiritual formation in both its personal and communal dimensions.

Ministry / Career Paths

Participants are equipped for enhanced ministries as missionaries, church leaders, incarnational disciples in their communities and abroad, and professionals in the marketplace. They are also well-prepared to support others in ministry (church and para-church), both theologically and practically.

Field Internships

There is a great deal of information on missions available, but that information takes on more value when it is applied and demonstrated in practical ways. Participants will have the opportunity to complete a cross-cultural internship that combines coursework with practical ministry. The practicum experience challenges students to discern their calling, grow spiritually, and apply what they are learning to another culture or in a multicultural context. We can assist in connecting you with, and placing you in a ministry for the duration of the time required for a particular location, e.g., Myanmar (Buddhist context), Kyrgyzstan (Muslim context), Russia (Orthodox and Atheist contexts), or others. This requires extra initiative on both parts. You will be in communication with the on-site missionaries or ministry coordinators. The costs are your own responsibility.