GLEC Mission Field Introduction Eastern Europe

GLEC missionary Elder Chen and his wife arrived in Budapest, Hungary in 1998. They started their caring ministry within and around the Four Tigers Market, amongst the Chinese Business People. A local Chinese church was established in Hungary, which is also the first branch school of the GLEC Seminary in Europe.

When Elder Chen and his wife relocated to Serbia for their new ministry, Pastor Guo and Pastor Samuel Chen continued the Budapest Ministry and established several more daughter churches, which are now self reliant. The GLEC ministry in Eastern Europe moved on to another country – Serbia (formerly known as Yugoslavia).

Elder Chen and his wife stayed in motels in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, when they first arrived. They went to various markets to search for Chinese people, until they found a gathering place for a small number of Chinese Christians. On the very same night, they fellowshipped with them and started their ministry. The ministry moved to a bigger venue when the number of people increased. They also established another gathering place in Pancevo, 30 minutes car ride away from Belgrade. Later he ordained local ministers and continued their ministry at two locations until Elder Chen passed away due to sickness. He went back to the hands of our Lord in 2007.

Meanwhile in Southern California, Mandarin Baptist Church of Pasadena and GLEC became partners in this Mission Field. Set up common goals in 2012 to train missionaries and serving teams to carry on the ministries in Serbia when the churches become self reliant.

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