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The turmoil in Eastern Europe during the 1990s saw the dissolution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the Balkans and the restoration of the original Federation into seven republics: Slovenia, Croatia (Croatia), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Serbia, Kosovo (not yet universally recognized), Montenegro and Macedonia. Yugoslavia used to be an economic power in the region. However, after the dissolution of the Federation, it experienced the Slovenian War (1991), the Croatian War (1991-1995), the Bosnian War (1992-1995) and Kosovo The war (1996-1999) caused a rise in the unemployment rate, leading to the political and economic turmoil in these republics.

Preach the Gospel

Since 1998, our organization has helped to establish the Hungarian Chinese Christian Church. After dispatching missionaries to the area for support, until the church became independent in 2003, it entered Serbia in 2004 to answer God's call to spread the gospel and establish a local church. After that, a Chinese church was set up in Pancevo, in the capital Belgrade and in the suburbs, serving local Chinese businessmen. Later, he also entered the Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia set up a congregation and open up the threshing floor.

Educate leaders

Our organization saw the urgency to train local preachers and started to train the local member Xiang Jun Sheng since 2008 to become full-time minister and shepherded New Bay Church. There are also other churches, institutions, and shepherds involved in this process. During this period, the Mandarin Baptist Church in California, USA, and the Rutgers Chinese Church in New Jersey became well-known partners of the missionary community throughout the mission area. In 2017, we started our work-place development program and further cultivated friendships in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Plant reproducible churches

Most of the people of the Seychelles dominated the Orthodox Church, but more respect was given to Christian missions. The New Bay church has purchased its own church building by the end of 2012, and by the end of 2013, the center dispatched missionaries to continue the training work of the leaders in the country. Since its independence, the New Bay Church has stepped up its mission work to the outside world. From time to time, it has held Christmas preaching galas. Many Cypriots attended the program. At the end of 2014, the Church also started to use the expanded synagogue, expecting the community's gospel work to be more effective. Up to now, the work of training follow-up has not stopped, including:

1. Theological education training

In the various churches in the country, teachers continue to be trained, from time to time, with follow-up and assessment of ministry during the learning process. There is also a dedicated shepherding and counseling service for students. They look forward to spiritual life, ministry and service Pastoral balance to move forward. Upon completion of the study, diplomas of different subjects will be awarded.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Church of Croatia

The gospel stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia were established in 2015 and grew into churches in 2016. The church in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the church in Croatia needed urgently to cultivate their future co-workers and pastors and has currently commissioned the New Benevolent Churches to teach priests and lead co-workers in the shepherding of the churches in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Hearty trainers, and missionaries in Eastern Europe are responsible for teaching, supervising, and shepherding. In time, the Serbian Church of Chinese Church will be formed with the Serbian Chinese Church.

3. Leskovac Church in Serbia

Since 2017, we started to train people who are willing to commit themselves to be missionaries in the future and, in addition to designing and launching new classes, assigned Pastor Xiang Jun Sheng to be supervising pastor.

Engage in local cross-cultural ministries

 Thanks to God's leadership, there is an opportunity to participate more extensively in the ministry of Roma, and a ministerial task force is being set up. The work includes gathering information on Roma, assessing the partnership between the Chinese Church and the Roma churches, and serving to build consensus A group of reference. In addition to transmitting the vision to the Chinese Church, it is necessary to make a practical understanding of the mission entrustment, the external links of ministry, and the integration of resources. The planning ministries include: 1.To hold seminar for Roma workers. 2. To provide grants for Roma theologians and establish a system of internships and assessments. 3. To assist in the establishment of small farms, and establish a production and marketing system to achieve self-sufficiency purposes. 4. To assist in establishing the community health center and provide training for personal health care. 5. To widely open kindergartens, teaching basic child care to help improve the living quality 6. Translation of the Roman Bible in order to teach God's word as a way of life.

We bring the abundant life of Jesus Christ into people's life,

family, community, and the world through mission, education and charity.

The Center started its mission with theological education in the European mission area. In 2002, it started offering the Global Enrichment Theological Seminary classes in Budapest, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and London and had more than 300 graduates. During this period, the missionary couple Cheng Yuming led the co-workers to set up kindergartens in Serbia to carry out children’s ministry. Through the Children’s Ministries, another model of evangelical ministry can be established for the newly recruited Chinese professionals in the Serbian nation. Young Nepalese professionals, most of whom are young, bring their children with them and it is of great help that the kindergartens can accommodate their children. Their areas of expertise include finance, technology, management, and engineering, which serve as other entry points.

At the same time, the Center also assists local churches in organizing spiritual conferences and various training courses, as well as Family Camp and Youth conferences designed for young people. Now it is time to make cross-cultural ministries and hope to give all kinds of assistance to Syrian refugees and Roma. At present, the New Bay Church is participating in the ministry of Serbs as well as cross-cultural music Evangelistic meeting. Due to the shortage of qualified people and language constraints, the ministry of the Roma was limited to the ministry of mercy; the Serb's ministry was limited to participation in joint prayer meetings and large evangelistic meetings targeting them, such as music evangelism. Let local residents have a stable life, so that the power of Christ can work in various communities.

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