GLEC Mission Field Introduction China

GLEC Mission Field Introduction China

Our main focus is the youth and young adult ministry. It includes leadership development, renewal of spiritual lives, and assistance in hosting young adult gospel camps in summer and winter vacation time. We also recruit short-term missionaries from North America and Taiwan. They are sent to Northwest China after intense training in the home country.

In addition to these, we also cooperate with other Christian organizations. The involvement includes English teaching in several cities, gospel ministry for the minorities, college campus ministry etc.

However, the field is vast yet the resource is limited. Therefore we need to pray for God's guidance and raise more soldiers from the Kingdom of God to participate in our ministry.

  1. Ministry to Taiwanese Business People: Along with the involvement of Taiwanese Enterprises in China, we have sent missionaries amongst them. They have brought many businessmen to Christ. As of today, they have gatherings on a regular basis.
  2. Business as Mission: Using biblical principles to assist entrepreneurs operating their businesses. Also helping them to become Kingdom people in the Kingdom of God.
  3. Youth Ministry: Focusing on the youth and young adults both inside and outside of campuses. Molding them into models of other youths, not only in terms of beliefs, but also on their characters and lives. These models will thus attract other peers to come to Christ.

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