The International University of Central Asia



The International University of Asia (IUCA) is located in Tokmok, Kyrgyz Republic, and was founded by elder Yang Jiashan, founder of the Mercy Charitable Christian Foundation, which was founded to respond to the needs of higher education in Central Asia. GLEC has been directly involved for many years. Someone may wonder if mission organizations have anything to do with college education? The main mission of GLEC has been mission, education and charity as its central direction, which is also the path that early missionaries had followed. Mission work is not limited to converting people’s beliefs. The gospel needs to become the cornerstone of the cultivation of outstanding leaders in a nation. By opening schools, young people can become influential under the influence of the gospel and the Bible. Discipline is also responsible for the country. Improving the lives of local people is also the main mission of the mission. Today in this time of drastic change, we are facing refugees. There are still some people who are looking for a direction in life and have no goal. Have we bravely seized the opportunity to move forward for God's prepared platform? This is the stop for college graduates to leave for Muslim nations. God's intention is for all nations to turn to Him and to embrace God's grace so that the righteousness, peace and joy brought by Christ Jesus can penetrate into people of all walks of life. Elder Yang, whom we respect, who had passed away on February 12, 2017, has received the crown and the loyal and kind-hearted servant who, as a lay member, has obeyed the call of God to become a servant Together, he will undertake the ministry that he pioneered, so that the light of Christ in Kyrgyzstan will shine throughout the world. The President of IUCA John Clark has taught at UCLA, Harvard University and Columbia University. The Dean of IUCA is Camilla D. Sharshekeev, who was former Minister of Education in Kyrgyz Republic, and was in charge of the development of the World Bank rural education program.


The university's goal is to foster the academic and personal development of young leaders and professionals in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Universities adhere to the highest ethical standards and all outstanding academic achievements are the result of honest student efforts. Each certificate diploma represents the student's true accomplishments. This is not alarmist, as the corrupt culture of fraud is quite rampant in this area. Employers know that IUCA is an exception and so attach great importance to diplomas and certificates issued by IUCA in Central Asia and around the world. IUCA is committed to providing a world-class education focused on a holistic learning environment for everyone (physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual). Here, the students are trained in equipment and can become successful leaders with integrity and integrity in the future and can contribute positively to the society. We are committed to fair treatment of students and encourage students of different faiths, nationalities and ethnic groups to apply for admission.

Geographic location

Kyrgyzstan is the former Soviet Union republic, independent in 1991. The University is located in Tokemark (formerly the City of Broken Leaves), a population of 70,000, adjacent to the Tianshan 4900 meters peak, is the birthplace of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. 60 km from the capital city of Bishkek, about 90 minutes drive from the international airport. After the development of Uzbekistan in the 1830s, the population gradually moved in. In the Soviet Union, the city of Tokemark was a special military fortress.

University Traits

A Platform for Higher Education to Provide Life Transformation and Social Transformation 1. The Muslim Community - a Muslim-based Community 2. The Post-Communist State - Cultivating Character with Integrity and Integrity 3. To-be-Developed Areas - Creating a Micro entrepreneurial Opportunity.

Degrees Offered

The university employs dozens of qualified teachers in the capital and currently has eight departments. It offers a wide range of professional options for students and the needs of Central Asia: English Linguistics / Chinese Linguistics / Early Childhood Education / International Relations / Information Technology / Management / Economics / Law.

In addition: Central Asian Language Center

To foster leaders proficient in local languages, including students, Western academics, humanitarian workers and businessmen. The center provides student visa application.  

College of Humanities and Technology is attached to higher vocational colleges, focusing on employment counseling and improve the level of skills, training in the vacation field including lawyers assistants, kindergarten teachers and software engineers.

Future Development

The University plans to create a Department of Public Health and Agronomy in the future to collaborate with partner schools and institutions around the world. The University has creatively expanded students' dormitories, classrooms, libraries and auditoriums to accommodate an increased number of students. The university actively seeks partners from around the world for building education. Cooperation programs can include education, business and social enterprises (not for profit), as well as scholarships, grants and endowments. The university offers the following exchange programs in cooperation with university institutions around the world: 1. Sponsored by two universities in Taiwan (Taipei Medical University, Chung Yuan Christian University) and Norwegian Christian University, full scholarship places are available for further study. 2. Sponsored by two universities in the United States (Rockford University, North Park University) and the Norwegian Christian University, a full scholarship is offered for one to two semesters.

We need people who are willing to serve and serve in all aspects.

1. Those who can participate in the local university 2. Teachers 3. Those who are willing to make a sacrifice 4. Those who are willing to participate in promotion and prayer 5. Those who are willing to help the graduates to get employed or start their own businesses.