Cross-cultural Mission: Central Asia Mission Field

Central Asia Mission Field

In July 2007, Missionary and Elder Hung (formerly a Mobilization Director of GLEC) together with his wife and three children, followed God's lead and moved to Central Asia. Sent by Global Life Enrichment Center, amongst the Muslim nations, the Hung family served as cross-cultural missionaries.

GLEC's ministry in their particular city is a strategic base for other Central Asian countries that have closed off to Christianity.

Jointly, this family was working alongside southern Russian mission centers.  Many churches and ministries with vision of sharing the gospel to Muslim countries were invited to support and participate at those centers. Mrs. Hung participated in the local medical mission ministries. She treated many with love. She also led them and others to know Christ.

Elder Hung's family moved back to North America in the summer of 2011. He continued to serve at GLEC for cross-cultural ministries and trains missionaries.  May God continue to bless this family as they serve.Their return did not conclude their ministry in Central Asia. Missionary Hong participates in local missions and conferences periodically, and continues to spread the Gospel westward.

Current Central-Asia Ministry focuses:

Establish mission platforms through local enterprises. A Non-Government Organization was established as a Business As Mission platform in Central Asia. This establishment provides seminars for local businessmen, assists the creations of micro-enterprises, and develops career trainings. It also shepherds the spiritual development for participating Chinese students and local Chinese merchants. Elder Yang is a visionary who launched Mercy Foundation. He also established International University of Central Asia.

From 2008, IUCA expanded from three career majors and 50+ students to an international university with eight majors and300+students. In three years, the university progressed and attracted students from Chinese and nearby Muslim countries, represented by over ten ethnic groups.  This University's higher education trainings presented a platform for student fellowships which disciple believers and lead more to know Christ.  Dozens of local staffs and instructors have built great relationships that led to sharing of the Gospel.

In 2010, IUCA became a sister school with Taipei Medical University. Two staffwere sent to Taiwan and attended TMU for master's degrees in public health and medical information.

In 2011, a Norwegian Christian University started partnership and academic exchange with IUCA, with instructors visiting both schools. Furthermore, in Spring of 2012, many students majoring in International Relation went on a 6-month exchange training program abroad.

GLEC desires to set up more access for intercultural evangelical missions specifically in creative access countries.

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